The Chinese Softball Association (CSA) fully impressed with softball facilities in Pingtan, China, during the U18 Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 which ended yesterday, in collaboration with local authorities, have offered to set up a training centre with Softball Asia.

A perfect venue

After some initial discussions with Softball Association president, Datuk Low Beng Choo, during the six-day competition where eight countries competed, a strategic cooperation memorandum was signed last night at the Awards and Farewell Dinner.

The venue with a beautiful background of mountains

The memorandum was signed in collaboration with the following parties –  Chinese Softball Association (CSA), Fujian Provincial Administration of Sport (FPAS)Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Management Committee (PCEZMC) and Softball Asia (SA).

The 5,000 capacity stadium

Datuk Low announced last night: “SA is pleased to announce an agreement with CSA, FPAS and PCEZMC and to follow-up with further discussions to firm up one of SA’s training centres.”

Joint memorandum of understanding to set-up a softball training centre in Pingtan

She outlined the following aspects of the Memorandum:

1.1 To further promote, develop and popularise Softball in China and Asia, and to

cultivate more Softball talents and Softball exchange;

1.2 To jointly and strategically cooperate for the purposes stated for mutual benefit within the terms and conditions to be agreed upon;

1.3 To mutually respect each other’s constitution, rules and regulations

to jointly build an international Softball national base in the Pingtan International

Softball Centre in accordance with international world recognised standard as one

Softball Asia’s training centre for athletes, coaches and officials, and a competition

venue for Softball, upon and subject to terms and conditions to be discussed and

mutually agreed upon.


Indeed the facilities offered at the Pingtan Baseball Stadium which was renovated for the U18 Women Softball Asia Cup 2023, was very impressive, which included floodlights and seating capacity of 5,000.


CSA also worked very well with the Fujian Provincial Administration of Sport and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Management Committee to provide facilities and management of the tournament, which were of international standards.


The three parties obviously wanting to use Pingtan as a centre of excellence for softball for China and also Asia, decided to come up a plan to build a new centre with all the facilities available.

Welcome to Pingtan the international tourist destination banner in the stadium

“It is a great initiative by CSA with the support of FPAS and PCEZMC, and Softball Asia is happy to work with them and make Pingtan as one of SA’s training centres for the benefit of CSA and Asia,” said Low.


“However, we have to further discuss to firm up the initial proposal.”