SA-JSA Joint Coaching Webinars

Participants of WBSC-Softball Asia Coaching Certification Course in Penang

The series of Coaching Webinars is a follow-up to the WBSC-SA Coaching Seminar-Course that was held in Penang-Malaysia in January 2020.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic and many restrictions on international travels and mandatory quarantine, a physical seminar-course is not yet possible. 

Thus, the online Webinars.

The Webinars will comprise of 20 video footages, each 30 minutes, and available online through this dedicated link –

All coaches who want access to watch the coaching video on the above link are requested to register with Softball Asia (details to register will be sent out to all SA affiliates) to get the Password (PW) to watch the webinar. 

The coaching team is led by Mr. Yutake Miyake, the Chair of the SA Coaching Committee (and JSA President), and is assisted by three other coaches, Mr. Toshihiro Kuriyama, Mr. Hirotaka Kadomatsu, and Mr. Subaru Takahashi, and supported by JSA staff and volunteers. All the four coaches were the team from JSA that conducted the January Coaching

Seminar-course in Penang-Malaysia together with the coaches from WBSC Coaching Committee.

The first video has already been uploaded and second one will be on soon. 

Miyake-san especially wants all coaches who were in Penang seminar to watch the video as one of the purposes of this webinars are follow-ups for them.