SOFTBALL ASIA – formerly known as SOFTBALL CONFEDERATION ASIA/ AMATEUR SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION – ASIA (ASA-ASIA), the recognised governing & controlling body for the sport of Softball and all its disciplines and events, including Baseball5 in Asia.


The AMATEUR SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION OF ASIA (ASA-ASIA) was formally constituted at the 9th ASA-ASIA Congress attended by eleven (11) members in Manila, Philippines on May 3, 1990 and this CONSTITUTION OF ASA-ASIA was formally adopted at the 10th ASA-Asia Congress attented by thirteen (13) members in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 5, 1991.

Amendments to this Constitution were formally adopted at the 14th ASA-Asia Congress in Bangkok, Thailand on December 15, 1998.

The name of ASA-ASIA was formally changed to “SOFTBALL CONFEDERATION ASIA” (SCA) and further amendments to this Constitution formally adopted at the 16t ASA-Asia Congress in Shenzhen, China on December 22, 2002.

The name of SCA was formally changed to “SOFTBALL ASIA” and further amendments made to this Constitution were formally adopted at the 24th Softball Asia Congress in Kuala Lumpur on 5th December 2018.

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