WBSC Women’s Softball World Cup hosts proud to welcome the world to Europe

Presidents Colum Lavery (IRL), Andrea Marcon (ITA) and Jesus Lisarri (ESP) – pictured with WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari and WBSC Softball Division Chair Craig Cress – were the speakers during a round table, where they agreed on the sense of pride and excitement for hosting the biggest WBSC event in 2023.

Ireland, Italy and Spain are co-host of the XVII Women’s Softball World Cup, the first WBSC event to be held under the Two-Stage format. Each of these countries will host a group next July, with Italy also hosting the Finals in 2024.

During the WBSC Europe Congress in Belgrade, Serbia, Presidents Colum Lavery (Softball Ireland), Andrea Marcon (talian Baseball Softball Federation) and Jesus Lisarri (Spanish Baseball Softball Federation) were the guests of a round table, where the three agreed on the sense of pride and excitement they feel for hosting the biggest WBSC event in 2023.

“We are lucky to have three countries with a strong history and passion for sport like Ireland, Spain and Italy as host of the three groups in 2023,” said WBSC Softball Chairman, Craig Cress in his welcoming speech. “Thank you for your commitment and confidence in our sport.”

Lavery, Marcon and Lisarri agreed that the new format makes it more viable for hosts to organise a tournament, with less teams and competition days in each group, and only one venue needed to play the tournament. “It opens opportunities for more countries to host a World Cup, which is a win-win situation for everyone,” said Lavery.

For Ireland and Spain, this World Cup will represent the second participation in the premiere softball event, making the 2023 Women’s Softball World Cup a once in a lifetime for players, coaches and fans to see their national teams playing against the best. And all this on home soil. “It is a unique oportunity, not only for the current national team players, but also for the future generations of softball players in our countries, who can see the best of the best playing for them. This will be an inspiring experience for them,” said Lisarri.

Marcon mentioned that the new format will bring more exciting competition in each of the groups, with each event representing an elimination stage for everyone. Not to mention the Finals, whic Italy will receive in 2024, where the best of the best will play for the title of World Champion. “It’s like hosting an Olympic event on our own diamonds. It’s going to be awesome,” he said.

To close the round table, in front of the Congress, the three presidents invited the European softball community to Ireland, Italy and Spain, when Europe hosts the world for this historic World Cup.

Credits : WSBC