Japan joined Chinese Taipei to declare their intention to wrest the 3rd Asian Universities Women Softball Asia Cup 2022 title, after the second- day of the competition.

Chinese Taipei and Japan as expected qualified for the Super Rounds topping their respective Groups with a three-match unbeaten record yesterday at the Rugby International schools grounds in Pattaya, Thailand.

Chinese Taipei had an easy run against host Thailand with a 16-0 win over three innings, while Japan saw some resistance from Korea, before they overcame them 7-0 over five innings.

After deadlock with no runs in the first three innings, Japan finally managed 3 and 4 runs in the fourth and fifth innings, to secure victory on the run ahead rule 

Chinese taipei pitcher Ke Hsia-Ai

Both Thailand and Korea too qualified for the Super rounds as the second placed teams in Group A and Group B respectively.

In the afternoon, Japan continued their fine run in the opening Super Round fixtures, when they defeated hosts Thailand 10-0 in four innings while Chinese Taipei also continued their winning ways with a 7-0 win over five innings win over Singapore.

“After the completion of our matches in our Group, we feel our real challenge will come from Group A, where Chinese Taipei look formidable,” said Japan’s head coach Kyoko Kida through interpreter Akiko Kamida.

“But we have come well prepared and the Group matches has further placed  the team in a good run-up for the Super Round and we aim to win the title.

“However, we have to work very hard for the title, as we see Chinese Taipei a strong opposition.

“Our Super Round match against Chinese Taipei tomorrow, will give us a clearer indication for us to prepare for the final,” said Kida whose players are a selection from seven universities.

Kida said that his team is a well balanced team and many have potential to move to the Japanese national team in the near future.

 One player he named as a very good potential to make the national team is pitcher, Chise Yamashita.

Malaysia and India, on the other hand, ended their Group fixtures without a win, when they went down to Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.

Malaysia had to blame themselves for the loss (7-11), as they led 7-2 after the top fourth inning, but Hong Kong staged a comeback at the bottom fourth inning as they kept their momentum to level the score, and added on with an additional 5 runs in the next inning to take lead, while Malaysia were shut out for the next three innings.

Both Hong Kong and Singapore qualified for the Super Round as third placed teams, while Malaysia and India are left to play one more match in the tournament – placement match – tomorrow.



Group A: 1. Chinese Taipei 2. Thailand 3. Hong Kong 4. Malaysia

Group B:  1. Japan, 2. Korea 3. Singapore 4. India



Thailand 0 Chinese Taipei 16 (Run ahead Rule – 3 innings)

Malaysia 7 Hong Kong 11

Japan 7 Korea 0 (Run ahead Rule – 5 innings)

Singapore 15 India 0 (Run ahead Rule – 3 innings)



Korea 13 Hong Kong 0 (Run ahead Rule – 4 innings)

Japan 10 Thailand 0  (Run ahead Rule – 4 innings)

Chinese Taipei 7 Singapore 0  (Run ahead Rule – 5 innings)





8.30am: Singapore v Hong Kong

8.30am: Thailand v Korea

10.30am: Japan v Chinese Taipei

10.30am: Malaysia v India (placement match)

12.30pm: Thailand v Singapore

2.30pm: Chinese Taipei v Korea



The completion of the single round-robin, saw the top 3 teams from each Group qualify to play in the Super Round.

The fourth ranked team from each Group will play each other in the Placement Round.

Results from the Opening Round between the 3 teams that advance to the Super round from each Group, will carry over and count to determine the 4 teams that will qualify to play in the Final round (Gold and Bronze medal game).

The top 2 teams after the Super Round will play for the Gold medal, and the 3rd and 4thranked teams after the Super Round will play for the Bronze medal on Sunday.