The Chinese Softball College officially established at Nanjing Tech University

The Chinese Softball Association (CSA) signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department and Nanjing Tech University on December 19, 2020. The four entities agreed to build the Chinese Softball College.

The Chinese Softball College includes talent cultivation, training and competition, scientific research, social service, foreign exchange and cultural transmission. In the future, it will gather all kinds of resources to comprehensively improve competitive ability and scientific research level, continue to expand the social value and multiple functions of softball, and provide intellectual support and cultural accumulation for the development of softball in China.

The Chinese Softball college will recruit outstanding softball players and award bachelor’s or master’s degrees to graduates. It also plans to build Chinese softball technology research and development service center, Chinese softball think-tank platform and Chinese softball museum. The purpose, according to the national governing body, is to carry out baseball and softball scientific research and social service, promote the development of Chinese softball career.