Chinese Taipei was saving the best for tomorrow’s final against favourites Japan, when they rested almost half their team against Philippines this afternoon in the final Super Round match in the inaugural U18 Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 tournament in Pingtan, China.


Chinese Taipei who shocked China to win 8-6 on Friday to book the place in the final, just did enough to beat Philippines 5-0.

ON THE RUN Chinese Taipei’s Ciou Yung Cing

However, Chinese Taipei coach Kao Chun-Sheng was quick to add that saving the best players for tomorrow, did not mean that they can beat Japan.


“Japan is a formidable team and a class above the rest. We have very little chance – maybe less than 20 percent – to stage an upset, and whatever chance we have, we will give our best shot and go for broke. We have nothing to lose. But it is highly unlikely that we can beat them,” said Kao.

TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP Japan and Chinese players thank each other after the game.

“We are just glad that we beat host China to reach the final and have qualified for the World Cup. We have a lot of work to improve with the team and we intend to work hard to be a better team by time we compete in the World Cup next year.”


Kao said that playing Japan is an experience and learning curve for them.

Strong support from the Korean dugout by players led by coach Jang Jeho

This will be the second time, Chinese Taipei will be playing Japan in this competition. Earlier in their Group B encounter, Japan defeated Chinese Taipei 8-0.


“We hope we can give a better performance tomorrow than we did in the first encounter.”


Kao on his team’s performance against Philippines, he said he was happy with the reserve players.

SMOKE ON THE SOIL China’s player getting treatment from one of the coaches

“They did well and Philippines is a reasonably good team with a good pitcher (Liara Dianne Silverio), who gave an overall good run against us,” said Kao.


Philippines coach, SheirlyLou Valenzuela, too was happy with her team’s overall performance.

Japanese players celebrate their victory over host China

“We gave our best against a better team and even though they did not field their best team against us, they were still formidable,” said Valenzuela.


“I am happy with my players and it has been an experience for us to get better.”

Fan support at the Pingtan Softabll Stadium for thje U18 Women Softball Asia Cup 2023

For tomorrow’s Philippines third placing match against China, Valenzuela said that all she can ask from her team is to give their best.


“It maybe our last shot to win a World Cup berth (as third place) but we have to be realistic about chances, as we are up against another formidable team – China.”


China defeated Philippines 11-0 in their Group A match.

Chinese Taipei coach Kao Chun-Sheng congratulates his players

“We will continue to give our best, as we have done in every match we have played here and will not be intimidated by our opponent.


“If our best is not good enough to beat our opponents, then we have to accept and continue to work harder to improve.”


Japan, on the other hand, just like Chinese Taipei, gave several of their regular players a rest and an opportunity for their reserve players a chance to play.

China’s team players taking a bow after their defeat by Japan this evening

China wanting to make some amends for blowing their chance to make the final, when they lost 6-8 to Chinese Taipei yesterday, was hoping to beat Japan for places in the final to be decided on a three-way-tie situation. 


But Japan despite fielding many reserves, still packed enough power to down China 8-1 over six innings.


Japan’s coach Yuhei Yamauchi who was expecting to meet China in the final, said it made no difference that they will be playing Chinese Taipei instead.


“Both China and Chinese Taipei are almost of the same strength. In any case we have played Chinese Taipei (won 8-0) and they have seen us play too. I expect a closer match, but will not trouble us much, as we are confident of victory,” said a confident Yamauchi.


Indeed, Japan are tipped to win the title and Chinese Taipei and China to finish runners-up and third place respectively to book the three places available for the World Cup.



HONG KONG 1 (fourth placed team in Group A) v INDIA 2 (fourth placed Group B) – Placement #3


SOUTH KOREA 15 (Group A third placed) v SINGAPORE 1 (third placed team  in Group B) – Placement # 4


PHILIPPINES  0 (Runner-up Group A) v CHINESE TAIPEI 5 (Group B runners-up) – Super Round #3


CHINA 1 (Group A champion) – Super Round #1 V JAPAN 8 (Group B champion) –  Super Round#4



 HONG KONG 2 (fourth placed team in Group A) v SINGAPORE 17 (third placed team  in Group B) – Placement # 2


SOUTH KOREA 8 (Group A third placed) v INDIA 2 (fourth placed Group B) – Placement #1


PHILIPPINES 0 (Runner-up Group A) v JAPAN 12 (Group B champion) –  Super Round#2


CHINA 6 (Group A champion) v CHINESE TAIPEI 8 (Group B runners-up) – Super Round #1



India 0 Chinese Taipei 7 (match forfeited although India arrived and as they had missed two earlier Group matches.  India fielded a team and played Chinese Taipei in a friendly and lost 0-9 loss)

Japan 24  Singapore 0

Korea 1  Philippines 11

China 17  Hong Kong 0



India 0 v Singapore 7 (match forfeited as India has not arrived)

Hong Kong 3  Korea 12

Japan 8  Chinese Taipei 0

China 11  Philippines 0


Philippines 7 Hong Kong 0

India 0 v Japan 7 (match forfeited as India failed to show-up)

Singapore 2 Chinese Taipei 15

China 10 Korea 0




  1. China
  2. Philippines
  3. South Korea
  4. Hong Kong



  1. Japan
  2. Chinese Taipei
  3. Singapore
  4. India




9.00AM China v Philippines (Bronze Medal)

3.30pm  Chinese Taipei v Japan (Gold Medal)