The 4th WBSC Softball Asia Umpires Certification Seminar began yesterday at Pingtan, China ahead of the U18 Women Asia Cup 2023 which begin on Tuesday.

Birthday kings and queen Rosli, Sally and Wiremu


A total 13 umpires – 11 from China, one from Hong Kong and one from Thailand – are attending the seminar conducted by WBSC conductor, Wiremu Tamaki from New Zealand and Softball Asia Conductor, Rosli Ismail.

The seminar consists of classroom lectures, case plays, team work scenarios, mechanics play, rules test, game evaluations and fitness test.

Wiremu Tamkai the WBSC conductor at the seminar

This morning the participants underwent the fitness test covering squats, 27m dash,agility test and the 1 km run.


The umpires will also be tested when they do they do their practical during the U18 Women Asia Cup 2023

Theory classroom session

At this morning’s session break, the participants surprised seminar conductors Wiremu and Rosli and Softball Asia secretary-general, Sally Lim with a birthday cake.

Umpire certfication session

It was Wiremu’s birthday, while Rosli celebrates his birthday tomorrow and Sally celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.


The partcipants: Curtis Chung Syn Hang (HK); Praphruet Simchareon (Thai); Bai Xuefeng, Han Qiang, Kui Yong Gang, Ma JunXiong, Peng Yiwan, Yu Jia Liang, Yu Zhigang, Yu Zong Qi, Zho Huan, Tao Ran, Wang Fengjiao (All China).