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It was a bright and sunny day for Korea today, who were back on track in their pursue for a World Cup berth from the U15 Women’s Softball Asia Cup at the Fu-Hsing Softball Stadium in Puli Township, Nantou, Chinese Taipei.

After a shock and costly 1-2 defeat to Philippines on the opening day and redeeming themselves with a thumping 17-2 victory over Hong Kong yesterday and in the evening went down host Chinese Taipei 0-9, they needed to bounce today.

Korean head coach Lee SangHyun on the right and his assistant Park JungYu plotting for their next game against India

With weather this morning warmer (25 celsius degree) and brighter and sunny day, unlike the previous two days where rain made it a gloomy days for teams, Korea came on determined in high spirits to make amends to their lukewarm start.


With Singapore and India as their opponents for today, it was definitely easier encounters and it was a day they were looking forward too.

Chinese Taipei’s Chen Miao Hua against Hong Kong

But Korean head coach,Lee SangHyun had warned his players not to be complacent or over confident over any team.

“Having lost to Philippines narrowly, we had to step up work even harder for a third placing play off to have a chance for a World Cup ticket.”

Close call in the match between Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong

Lee said the team only had 5 days training before coming to Puli, but it is their best team assembled from a big pool of players in Korea.

“We had also made some calculation and made a prediction before coming here that we will have to fight for our World Cup berth in the third placing play-off and that Philippines will be our opponents,” said Lee.

“But we did not expect to lose to Philippines in our opening game. Now we will have to make amends when we meet them again in the play-off.”


However, Lee insisted that he was not thinking about that game at this stage and wants to take every game step by step.

Korea on full flight against Singapore


“We have crossed one hurdle against Singapore and next will be India before we meet Japan tomorrow,” said Lee after the Singapore game.


This morning, Korea despite a slow start against Singapore with a single run in the first inning, they picked up steam, to have 2 runs in the second inning, one in the third inning and five in the fourth and sealed it up with 5 runs for a total of 14 against Singapore’s nil.


On the weather, Lee said that it was beyond their control and was prepared for rain or shine.


“This morning, we had great weather. But if it rains or the field is wet, it is level playing field as both teams play under the same condition, and we just have to adapt and give our best shot.”

Korea’s Lee SeoJeong in control against Singapore

The weather was not so sunny and threatening to rain at noon when Korea took on India, but that did not stop Korea, as predicted to defeat India 10-0 in a run ahead rule win after four innings, to send them reeling to their fifth consecutive defeat.


India play their last match tomorrow against Singapore, who are win less too, which will determine the wooden spoonist.

Singapores’s pitcher Jaelene Lee

Meanwhile, hosts Chinese Taipei continued with their winning streak and stretched it to four with an easy 16-0 win against Hong Kong, running riot with 10 runs in the first inning, six runs in the second inning for a run ahead rule victory after 3 innings.


Chinese Taipei play Philippines later this evening and this can turn out to be an interesting although the host are tipped to win to leave the latter to play in the third placing play-off.

Korean players in the dug out cheering batter Park Jua


Chinese Taipei play Japan in their final game tomorrow, which will be prelude to the final between the two teams again on Saturday.





9.00am Korea  14 Singapore 0

10.30am Hong Kong 0 Chinese Taipei 16

12.00pm India 0  Korea 10

1.30pm Japan  Hong Kong

3.00pm Philippines  Chinese Taipei


9.00am Philippines 6 India 0
10.30am Japan
14  Singapore 0 (Run ahead win after 4 innings. The U15 plays a total of 5 innings)
12.00 pm Hong Kong
2  India 1
1.30pm Philippines
2  Korea 1
4.00pm Chinese Taipei
v Singapore (match postponed owing to unplayable conditions after heavy rain).



8.00am Chinese 15 Taipei 0 Singapore (postponed match from yesterday due to unplayable conditions after heavy rain).

9.00am Japan 10 India 0

10.30am Korea 17 Hong Kong 2

12.00pm India 0 Chinese Taipei 16

1.30pm Singapore 0  Hong Kong 2

3.00pm Philippines 0  Japan 14

4.30pm Chinese Taipei 9  Korea 0



9.00am Hong Kong v Philippines

10.30am Japan v Korea

12.00pm Philippines v Singapore

1.30pm Japan v Chinese Taipei

3.00pm India v Singapore