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Rain once again forced the last match of the day between Philippines and host Chinese Taipei which started at 3.00pm today to be called off, 40 minutes later and after two innings in their final Group fixture of U15 Women’s Softball Asia Cup at the Softball Stadium in Puli Township, Nantou, Chinese Taipei.


And after waiting for more than hour, tournament director, Datuk Low Beng Choo, after inspecting the pitch several times and consulting with the umpires and technical officials, decided the match will be postponed to tomorrow morning.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Taichung Extension Office Director Sabrina P Aaron with Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo, Paulo Tabirara Umpires Course Conductor/ Head and Philippines Team Delegation Leader Nina Serafico

“The rain forecast is that it could be raining till 10pm tonight and the ground is waterlogged and muddy in crucial areas and dangerous for play,” said Datuk Low in a meeting with officials of both the teams involved.


“Thus, we have decided to postpone the game to tomorrow morning and it will carry on from where it was stopped.

“This is a crucial game and it is best for both teams to play under better conditions, although  it will cause inconvenience.”


Philippines will now with the postponed game played tomorrow, will play three games tomorrow together with two of the scheduled fixtures, just like Chinese Taipei did on Wednesday, when they opening game on Tuesday evening against Singapore was rained off.

DELIGHT OF A CATCH…..Urah Mutsutani all smiles and her teammate Sari Nagatomo

Adjustments too had to be made to tomorrow’s fixtures, as Philippines was scheduled to play the first game of the day at 9.00am against  Hong Kong.


Thus, with Philippines now playing the postponed match against Chinese Taipei at 8am, their game against Hong Kong has been moved to the last game of the day.

Japan player coming to base in full stretched slide

Philippines have another scheduled game against Singapore in the afternoon.


Chinese Taipei’s scheduled match for tomorrow is against favourites Japan in the afternoon.


With changes, it is going to be a hectic schedule and it was decided that teams will be constantly be informed of developments of each game and teams will be required to play their match, fifteen minutes after the end of every earlier match.

Battle for supermacy between Japan and Hong Kong

The changes has also made tomorrow a crucial day for teams battling for the World Cup berths.


Currently Chinese Taipei and Japan remain unbeaten and tipped to reach the final.

Japan had defeated Hong Kong 15-0, to remain unbeaten after five matches.

fWhatever the result tomorrow between Japan and Chinese Taipei, both are expected to qualify for the final for the coveted inaugural U15 Asia Cup.

Chinese Taipei’s Jian Yu-Cian makes her run as the rain starts to come down

While this tournament also serves as the World Cup qualifier in October to be hosted by Japan for two teams, Japan have already qualified as host, thus Chinese Taipei will also qualify for the World Cup as the top two teams, leaving the second spot to be battled in the bronze medal playoff expected to be between Philippines, who have lost two matches against Japan and Chinese Taipei and Korea, who also have lost two matches to Philippines and Chinese Taipei.


Korea have a tough match to end their Group matches against Japan and while Philippines have an easier tie against Hong Kong, but now playing three matches, could prove a strain on the young players. Philippines other match is against Singapore.

Chinese taipei’s Wo Yu Ling tries to best to the base against Philippines Christine Calaguas before the game was rained off

Korea even if they lose their match against Japan, with three wins under their belt, they should edge Hong Kong who has two wins.


Philippines wanted to put their best foot forward today with the hope to upstage the host, as their Manila Economic and Cultural Office Director from their Taichung Extension Office, Sabrina P. Aaron, was present for the game.


Philippines were trailing 2-4 at the bottom of second inning when the game was halted.


It would be interesting to see how Philippines take it from where they left today, while Chinese Taipei are expected to beat the former to keep their unbeaten record for a prelude final clash when they meet Japan in the evening.


An interesting day is certainly on the cards and hope the rain does not spoil the party.







9.00am Korea  14 Singapore 0

10.30am Hong Kong 0 Chinese Taipei 16k

12.00pm India 0  Korea 10

1.30pm Japan 15 Hong Kong 0

3.00pm Philippines 2 Chinese Taipei 4 (Game halted after 2 innings because pitch unplayable due to rain. Match to be continued now tomorrow morning 8am)


8.00am Philippines 2 Chinese Taipei 2 (Game halted after 2 innings yesterday evening because pitch unplayable due to rain. Match to be continued today)

9.00am Japan v Korea

10.30pm Philippines v Singapore

12.00pm Japan v Chinese Taipei

1.30pm India v Singapore

3.00pm Hong Kong v Philippines


(Timing subject to change after each game ends. Next game will be played 15 minutes after the end of the previous game).


9.00am Philippines 6 India 0
10.30am Japan
14  Singapore 0 (Run ahead win after 4 innings. The U15 plays a total of 5 innings)
12.00 pm Hong Kong
2  India 1
1.30pm Philippines
2  Korea 1
4.00pm Chinese Taipei
v Singapore (match postponed owing to unplayable conditions after heavy rain).



8.00am Chinese 15 Taipei 0 Singapore (postponed match from yesterday due to unplayable conditions after heavy rain).

9.00am Japan 10 India 0

10.30am Korea 17 Hong Kong 2

12.00pm India 0 Chinese Taipei 16

1.30pm Singapore 0  Hong Kong 2

3.00pm Philippines 0  Japan 14

4.30pm Chinese Taipei 9  Korea 0