Women’s Softball World Rankings update: United States remains on top ahead of Japan and Chinese Taipei, Puerto Rico moves into fourth

Eight of the top 10 teams remain unchanged with Puerto Rico and Canada swapping places in fourth and fifth respectively. China, up two positions to No. 11, had the best improvement in the top 20. The WBSC ranked 63 women’s softball programmes, unchanged from end of 2022.

The WBSC published an update to the Women’s Softball World Rankings after the completion of the Women’s Softball Asia Cup – the final qualifier to the Women’s Softball World Cup – and the Americas qualifier to the U-15 Women’s Softball World Cup. The update includes the outcome of the Women’s Softball African Championship.

Eight of the top 10 positions are unchanged, including world No. 1 United States (4,368 points), No. 2 Japan (2,897) and No. 3 Chinese Taipei (2,657). Their latest podium finishes have put a stronghold to their current positions in the world ranking.

WBSC Men's Baseball World Rankings March 2023

The United States defeated Mexico in the Pan American Championship final in Peru to claim the first ever continental event in the U-15 age bracket. Puerto Rico’s creditable third-place performance in the competition helped them rise in the rankings.

Japan led the East Asian-dominated podium at the Women’s Softball Asia Cup in Incheon, following their victory over China, while Chinese Taipei defeated the Philippines to claim bronze.

Puerto Rico (2,394) climbed to fourth place, surpassing Canada (2,342). Mexico (1,999), Czechia (1,789), Italy (/1,773), Australia (1,520) and the Netherlands (1,498) complete the top 10.

China (1,005) climbed to 11th place, up two positions, scoring the best increase among the top 20.

The Philippines (446) climbed four positions to 26th place. It’s the best overall improvement in the top 35, together with Korea, also up four positions to No. 31. Singapore gained five positions, reaching No. 37.

The WBSC ranked 63 women’s softball programmes, unchanged from end of 2022.

All results from the Women’s Softball World Cups, Qualifiers and Continental Events and friendlies count towards the ranking points over a four-year period.

Credits: WSBC