In agreement with the team managers and coaches of the Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 at a special meeting called after all fixtures were called off today because of weather and field conditions, the fixtures have been revised. 

The tournament director, Datuk Low Beng Choo, who is also the president of Softball Asia, and her team officials had come up with a Revised fixture earlier in the morning, which included placement matches, after their decision to cancel all fixtures for today.

At the meeting, Beng Choo asked for the views of the team managers and coaches on the revised fixtures and at the same time expressed her concern of going ahead of the placement matches at the end of the round robin fixtures on Friday and on Saturday, which could see teams play repeated matches back to back.

Also the semifinals and final on Saturday had to be played on the same day, which could prove taxing on the players.

She also expressed concern for the players well being as the conditions were wet and windy.

After views were heard from the team manager and coaches , the proposal to do away with placement matches and semifinals were put to vote and it was a majority decision of seven countries to do away with  placement and semifinals, while two wanted that extra match.

“The final decision to revise the earlier proposed revised fixttures was taken with the consensus of the team managers and coaches, taking into consideration that the majority did not want the extra match as the round robin round has already decided on the rankings and also the top four teams wanting to play the final and third placing matches,” said Beng Choo.

“Also if we should encounter bad weather on Friday, we still have a half day to resolve the issue as fixtures, as we only have a half day fixtures in the morning. We also have the same luxury on Saturday, where only the third placing and final will be played.”

Tomorrow will see the postponed fixtures played.