First Baseball5 competition in KOREA

Title: Youth sports festival 2021 – Baseball5

Date: 4th, December, 2021

Venue: Daejeon hanbat gymnasium

Host/Organization:  Korean Sport & Olympic Committee Korea Baseball Softball Association

Participating teams and competition system

Group A Group B
HBC Gyungsan little baseball club
Seokgyo Elementary school PEC Academy
Gunsan-nam Elementary school Sang-Incheon & Ganseok Elementary school


• The competition was for U12. By Korean standards, it is the age of an elementary school student.

• Six teams participated in the competition. The Six teams were divided into two groups and played full league games. After the preliminary league, the winning team was decided through the playoffs between the first and second teams in each group.

The winner Seokgyo Elementary school
runner-up Gunsan-nam Elementary school
3rd place PEC Academy
Sang-Incheon & Ganseok Elementary school
5th place HBC
6th place PEC Academy


• The biggest feature of the competition is that it divided the roles of male and female athletes. Each team consisted of eight members. There are four male baseball players and four female average students.

• Baseball5 has not yet been widely distributed in Korea. So, taking advantage of Baseball5, which requires a mixed male and female team, baseball players were included so that students who wanted to participate in the tournament could adapt to Baseball5 more easily.

• This competition was originally intended to hold th final round by gathering the top teams of each preliminary round after holding the national preliminary competition. However, due to the spread of COVID19, only final competition was held.

• The competition was held without spectators and was broadcast live on the KBSA Youtube channel. In addition, highlight videos of the final, semifinal and 5/6th place and sketches of the competition are uploaded on the KBSA Youtube channel.


• A booth was set up to learn softball from softball national team players. This was to induce young female students who participated in the competition to be interested in softball and promote softball through videos.

• This competition was the first official baseball5 competition held in Korea. Even though Baseball5 has not yet been widely distributed in Korea, the passion and potential of the participating players were confirmed. Next year, KBSA will try to distribute Baseball5 through more and more promotional activities and hold a competition that combines national qualifiers.