Lee, Chong-Hoon was elected president of Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA)

On January 12, the Korea Baseball Softball Association held the presidential election, Lee, Chong-hoon was elected as the 24th president of the Korea Baseball Softball Association(KBSA).

In the election held by online voting due to COVID-19, he won with 86 out of 177 valid votes, overtaking other two candidates.

Mr. Lee previously served as a vice-president of the KBSA executive board members, and has participated in international competitions as a team leader. He is also the CEO of DYC Corporation, which is regarded as a promising company in the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

He has been considered and praised as an internal supporter for contributing financially to the association since 2016, when he joined KBSA as a vice-president with his professional management mind.

In this presidential election of KBSA, Lee, Chong-hoon received a lot of support with the following three major pledges.

– Strive for financial and administrative stability

– Securing and expansion of sponsorship and infrastructures

– Dissemination and development of our sports through activation of Baseball 5

He is well aware of the administration of the association and confident of solving pending issues.

He emphasized the harmony and communication of baseball and softball. He highlighted the necessity to work together for the development of all the sports governed by our association, without distinction as to sports. He promised to pay attention to not only baseball and softball, but also, sports for all, women’s baseball and little league during his term of president.

In addition, he mentioned that financial stability is important for our association by securing a sufficient budget from the national government(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and the KBO. Maintaining active cooperative relationships with them is essential.

He is going to make utmost efforts to get corporate sponsorship as well. He plans to organize the framework of rights and benefits for sponsorships first.

He has a lot of interest in securing a long-term venue for domestic competitions in order to provide enough opportunities for players to play and show their abilities.

He is eager to promote Baseball 5 in Korea more to attract and lead more people to baseball and softball, he praised Baseball 5 as a great and effective tool to guide potential outstanding players into our sports.

Lastly, Mr. Lee promised to enhance Korea’s status on the international stage by strengthening cooperation with the International Federations.

He is going to start his presidential term from the next KBSA Congress, which will be held on January 29th.


* Attachment : Photo of Mr. Lee, Chong Hoon(New president of KBSA)