section dedicated to Baseball and Softball

Do you know has a section dedicated to Baseball and Softball which is sponsored by the World Baseball Softball Confederation?
Explore baseball and softball All Around the World.
Check out Baseball5, WBSC’s hottest new Olympic property and discover the 2021 Baseball5 rulebook.
Learn why baseball and softball are truly a Sport for All Ages.
Discover WBSC’s 24 Commissions and read about their important roles.
Find out how WBSC Grassroots and Development is growing the sport worldwide.
View the World’s Professional Leagues and read about their history and development.
Follow the Baseball and Softball World Cups and Championships.
Understand the WBSC Rankings and methodology.
Check out the Calendar to keep updated on rescheduled events.
Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and information via the Social page.
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