Japan, Chinese Taipei and China qualify for Baseball5 World Cup

World No. 6 Japan defeated the defending champions and No. 2 Chinese Taipei to claim the title at the Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea. China beat the hosts in the bronze medal game, clinching the final spot in the World Cup.

World No. 6 Japan, No. 2 Chinese Taipei and No. 15 China qualified for the WBSC Baseball5 World Cup 2024 after finishing as the top three teams at the Baseball5 Asia Cup in Seoul Olympic Park, Korea.

Japan defeated the defending champions Chinese Taipei, in the final, 2-1, to claim the II Baseball5 Asia Cup. Chinese Taipei won the first set (3-2), but Japan came back and outscored them, 5-1 and 4-0, to win it all.

China earned the bronze medal and the third World Cup spot available, defeating world No. 9 Korea, 2-0, in the bronze medal game. Both sets ended with a one-run difference, 2-1 and 3-2.

Japan and Chinese Taipei dominated the opening round undefeated with Japan advancing to the final, shutting out Korea 2-0 (7-0, 4-0) in their semifinal. Chinese Taipei also won their semifinal 2-0 (2-0, 3-2) against China.

The II WBSC Baseball5 World Cup is scheduled from 7 to 12 October at the Central Harbourfront Event Space in Hong Kong-China. Seven teams have qualified so far:

Africa (2) No. 4 Tunisia, No. 7 South Africa
Americas (3)
Asia (3) No. 6 Japan, No. 2 Chinese Taipei and No. 15 China
Europe (2) No. 2 France, No. 10 Lithuania
Oceania (1)
Wild Card (1)

Ahead of the II Baseball5 Asia Cup, the Seoul Olympic Park hosted a WBSC Asia Baseball5 Official Seminar for 29 participants from the eight participating National Federations: 11 from Korea, six from Hong Kong-China, three from Chinese Taipei and Thailand, two from Japan and Singapore, one from Malaysia and China.