Japan’s Shino Oguri did not expect to named as the Most Valuable Player at the Awards Ceremony and Farewell Dinner of the inaugural U18 Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 in Pingtan, China, last night.


And to make it a night to remember for a long time to come, Oguri, went home with the most number of awards – three in all.

Individual award winners of the tournament

The 18-year-old is playing for Nippon Seiko in the Japan Women’s League said: “Winning the MPV award really surprised me because I thought there were many others who deserved it.

Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area Tourism Culture and Sport Bureau’s Wei Changchun presenting a momentum to Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo

“And to have won two more awards – named among the All-Stars team  and Individual Award for Best Pitcher – is all like a dream.


“I am still pinching myself to make myself realise that it is all happening.”

The Hong Kong team performing at the Farewell Dinner

Oguri who has been playing softball for the last 13 years, said that she is really honored and humbled by the award.


“This is the first time I have received an award…not one but three.

 “I am really over the moon. I will forever remember Pingtan.”

Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo delivering her speech at the Awards and Farewell  Dinner.

Oguri said that the awards has now inspired her to aim higher.


“This is the the first time I am representing my country and have won the Asia Cup, a ticket to the World Cup and these three awards,” said a beaming Oguri.


“I now want to work hard and hopefully get noticed to be called for selection for the national team.”

MVP of the tournament Japan’s Oguri Shiona and also Best Pitcher and All Stars team member

With time and talent on Oguri’s side, she certainly is on the right path to stardom.


Other awards given at the Awards and Farewell dinner, were the ‘Future Stars’ and ‘Individual Awards.


Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo, said that ‘Future Stars’ award was to recognise one player from each team whose stands out with their talent and the potential to become a national player in their respective countries in the near future.

MVP Japan’s Oguri Shino

“This award is in recognition of new talent whom we believe will become stars in their respective nations,’ said Beng Choo.



At the dinner was also the prize giving ceremony for the top three teams, namely Japan, Chinese Taipei and China.

Japan’s champion trophy presented by LOC chairman of party Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental, Lai Jun and Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo

The teams also performed at the dinner to entertain and the Technical Officials too gave a performance.


It was exciting, entertaining and fitting farewell night for all, with sumptuous food served.

China team at the farewell dinner




RUNNERS-UP: Chinese Taipei


(All three qualified for Wordl Cup)




JAPAN: Hanae Kitahara (Left fielder)

CHINESE TAIPEI:  Chen His-Yen (Shortstop)

CHINA: Xu Jinghan (1st base)

PHILIPPINES: Rhea Manalo (Centre-field)

KOREA: Seo Dain (Left fielder)

SINGAPORE: Samantha Chan QianQian (Shortstop)

HONG KONG: Ng Pui Ka (Shortstop)



Best Pitcher: Shiono Oguri (Japan)

Best Hitter: Soa Shimanaka (Japan)

Most Stolen Bases: Kim Jiyun (Korea)

Most Run Batted-In: Kumi Ide (Japan)

Most Put Outs: Marina Kurita (Japan)



Shiono Oguri (Japan)



Left hand pitcher: Miyu Maesaka (Japan)

Right hand pitcher: Shiono Oguri(Japan)

Catcher: Kumi Ide (Japan)

First base: Gao Pei-Jyun (Chinese Taipei)

Second Base: Song Minjoo (Korea)

Third Base: Pan Ziyao (China)

Shortstop: Sena Tsugita (Japan)

Leftfielder: Ciou Yung-Cing (Chinese Taipei)

Centrefielder: Yuwa Shiota (Japan)

Right fielder: Magdalene Nangan (Philippines)

Designated Player: Xi Mengrui (China)