Philippine’s softball players sisters Francine Jane and France Gene may have the same passion for the game, but their ambitions differ worlds apart.


Francine, the older sister at 15 and France at 14, who are making their debut for their national team in the U15 Women’s Softball Asia Cup at the Softball Stadium in Puli Township, Nantou, Chinese Taipei, are part of the Philippines elite junior team programme and have been playing softball for the last six years.


And with a spot in the World Cup in Japan in October, naturally the two sisters are excited as they battle for the spot as bronze medalist against Korea and having defeated the latter in the Group match narrowly 2-1 on the opening days gives them added confidence.


While their passion for the sport is the same, but their career ambitions are miles apart.


Francine revealed that she wants to be a doctor, while France, said she wants to be a air stewardess.


“We both want to represent the senior national women team and at the same time to popularise the sport at grassroots level,” said Francine the pitcher in the team together with her sister.


“That’s where our common goal ends. From young, I want to become a doctor and I will pursue to be that although I have to divide my time with softball.


“While I want to do the nation proud by turning out for the national team, at the same time I want to help the people of Philippines by becoming a doctor.”


France on the other hand, said she wants to become stewardess as she wants to travel around the world.


“I love to travel and visit as many countries in the world as possible, and I can achieve that dream as a stewardess,” said France with a cheeky smile.


The fourth and fifth in the family of five siblings said they are the only two who are involved in sports.


The duo also revealed that their names – Francine and Frances Gene – are names from their parents Franciso and Gene.


“Our parents are very supportive of our involvement in softball and we thank them for encouraging us,” said the students of public school Rizal High School in Pasig,


Coaches headed by Annalyn Ebreo and her assistants, Maricel Cabalda and Michelle Ann, said that the two sisters play a key role in the team.


“While our team works as unit, it is good to have players who have been in the game for sometime as it adds experience to the team, especially at this age group,” said Annalyn.


“We have done well so far after only a short training stint of three weeks together as the players come from two private colleges and three private schools in Manila.


“We hope to the nation proud by qualifying for the World Cup and help in the development of the game because the exposure these girls got here in the Asia Cup and the World Cup will assist in great way to popularise the sports among the youngsters and lay the foundation for further development.”