Japan’s Lilia Lewis stands out in her team for many reasons but she is Japanese by every sense of the word.


The American-Japanese mixed parentage not only stands out with her solid dark-coloured physique and curly hair but she is also commanding in the field.


And above all, she is more Japanese than American because she speaks fluent Japanese and hardly speaks any English.


“I can speak a little English and use it with my father when he visits me every year. I stay with my mother and naturally I speak fluent Japanese,” said Lilia with a smile.


“I intend to learn to speak better English soon.”


Lilia said that she feels very comfortable with her teammates as they do not  treat differently just because she does not look Japanese.

Towering figure Japan’s mixed parentage Lilia Lewis

“Besides I speak fluent Japanese and more Japanese cultured than American.”


Lilia said that she has only gone to the United States of America once when she was three years old.


“I am really proud to represent the Japanese national team although it is only an Under-15 team.


“I am really looking forward to the final, although we have qualified automatically for the World cup as host, winning the inaugural Asia Cup for U15 will be a proud moment.”

Japan’s mixed parentage Lilia Lewis

Japan, who have regarded as the favourites of the tournament here had ‘practice” final when they played host Chinese Taipei in their final Group match this afternoon and won 3-0.


“While we are boosted by the win, the final will be a different ball game with the Cup at stake and Chinese Taipei as host getting their crowd support,” said Lilia.

Japan’s mixed parentage Lilia Lewis is all smiles with her outting in Puli

“We have to step up our performance and I intend to be at my best. I have done reasonably well, but want to cap it up with memorable outing.”


Indeed, Lilia will stand out in the final by her mere presence.