Pan  Yi- Chuan, the Chairman of Softball Asia from Chinese Taipei, declared open the U15 Women’s Softball Asia Cup at the Fu-Hsing Softball Stadium in Puli Township, Nantou, Chinese Taipei this afternoon.

Datuk Low Beng Choo, President Softball Asia and World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) secretary general, was in attendance with other dignitaries including Magistrate of the host in Nantou, Hsu Su Hua, Mayor of Puli Town, Liao Chih Cheng, Softball Asia secretary-general Sally Lim, Secretary Director of Sports Administration from Ministry of Education, Fang Jui Wen, President Chinese Taipei Softball Association (CTSA), Lo Yu Hsin, Secretary General of CTSA Association, Chang Chia Hsing, Supervisor of Nantao County Sports Association Softball Committee Chen Kuan Hsiung, Director of Nantou County Government Education Office, Wang Shu Ling, Principal of National Puli High School Hsieh Ching Tang and Principal of Puli Junior High School Chen Ching Pin.

Host team Chinese Taipei at the opening ceremony

Datuk Low in addressing the participants, officials and fans said: “It is significant for Softball Asia to celebrate World Softball Day with the start of the U15 Women Softball Asia Cup – World Cup qualifier here in Puli Chinese Taipei.


“I am also very happy to be here – this is history, as the first U15 Women Softball Asia Cup and as a qualifier for the World Cup U15 to be held in Japan in October.

“I thank the Chinese Taipei Softball Association,  their organising committee, all the technical officials, volunteers, sponsors and the government agencies for their effort to organise this tournament. They have done a tremendous job. Congratulations.


“I wish all the participating teams all the very best and may the best team wrest the title and two teams to earn qualification to the World Cup in Japan.”

The participating teams at the opening ceremony of the U15 Women Softball Asia Cup in Puli, Nantou, Chinese Taipei

Datuk Low added that the U15 tournament is a long term development worldwide and hope that everyone pays emphasis to promote the game at this age-group.


“I also congratulate parents of several teams here who have come forward to assist their national association to finance their teams’ participation here.

Team Hong Kong, India and Japan at the opening ceremony

“The parents commitment and support will certainly go a long way in the development of Softball.”


Soon after the end of the opening ceremony ended, the tournament was to be continued with the last match of the day with host Chinese Taipei taking on Singapore.

Ceremonial first pitch by guest of honour Hsu Su Hua the Magistrate Nantou County with Datuk Low Beng Choo, Softball Asia president

But soon as the national anthems of the two nations were played, the skies which has been cloudy since morning, opened up with heavy downpour.

Team Korea

The teams were asked to return to their dressing rooms and wait for half an hour before the tournament director Datuk Low would decide if the game would be played or postponed.


After inspection of the pitch after half an hour, although the rain had stopped, it was deemed unplayable.

Team Singapore and host Chinese Taipei

“The pitch condition is not conducive to play the match and it is dangerous for the players because of the slippery condition,” said Datuk Low after inspecting the pitch with umpire heads, technical personnel and organising committee officials.

Rain wrecks havoc

“The match will be played tomorrow at 8.00am. All six games scheduled from 9.00am onwards to 4.30pm tomorrow will proceed as scheduled.”

Water logged playing pitch


9.00am Philippines 6 India 0
10.30am Japan
14  Singapore 0 (Run ahead win after 4 innings. The U15 plays a total of 5 innings)
12.00 pm Hong Kong
2  India 1
1.30pm Philippines
2  Korea 1
4.00pm Chinese Taipei  Singapore
(match postponed owing to unplayable conditions after heavy rain).



9.00am Japan v India

10.30am Korea v Hongkong

12.00pm India v Chinese Taipei

1.30pm Singapore v Hong Kong

3.00pm Philippines v Japan

4.30pm Chinese Taipei v Korea