Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball Asia Cup (FINAL DAY ) – 27th May, 2023 – Saturday

Pictures by Krittayad Janasawad


CHINESE TAIPEI came to Pattaya to win the tournament and qualify for the inaugural World Cup Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball in Mexico and they did it in style as they remained unbeaten in five matches when they edged Philippines 8-2 in the final to wrest the Asia Cup at the Siam Polo Club ground in Pattaya, Thailand today.

Softball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo congratulating China coach Liang Hong

While Philippines were hoping to avenge their preliminary round 8-12 defeat to Chinese Taipei, the latter proved that they were the better side.


Chinese Taipei coach, Tang Chen-Hao said the players were highly motivated to win the final and wrest the title after having qualified for the World Cup earlier when they reached the final.

Philippines coach Ana Maria Santiago after her team finished second and qualified for the World Cup C0-ed Slow Pitch Softball Asian Cup

“The players played to instructions and worked hard for each other as a team. While Philippines tried hard, we were the better team,” declared Tang.

Finalist Chinese Taipei and Philippines

However, Tang was quick to add that the World Cup tournament will be a different kettle of fish altogether and they have to work hard to make an impact as Asia’s best in Slow Pitch Softball.


“Our forte is our batters, but we still have to work at it because we are used to hitting high throws, but the competition here saw balls to be thrown lower.


“Work with the team will begin the moment we get back and I will maintain this team for the World Cup as they earned the ticket and are the best players available.”

CONGRATULATIONS ….Victorious Chinese Taipei in jubilation

Philippines coach, Ana Maria Santiago, conceded that they lost to a better team, but was satisfied with the performance of her team.

Chinese Taipei’s Lie Tse-Shun

“They gave their best and we have qualified for the World Cup. But we have a lot of work to do and I will probably bring two or three players who are based overseas to strengthen the team,” said Ana.

A group photo with all the officials, staff and backroom staff for the Slow Pitch Softball Asia Cup 2023 in Pattaya

China who beat host Thailand 16-0 in the earlier third placing match, also qualified for the World Cup as the third team.




China 6  Philippines 7

Singapore 5 Chinese Taipei 12

Thailand 4 China 10

Philippines 15 Singapore 7




Chinese Taipei 17 Thailand 10

China 17 Singapore 8

Philippines 8  Chinese Taipei 12




Thailand 7 Singapore 6

China 8  Chinese Taipei  9

Philippines 31 Thailand 11




Bronze medal – China 16 (Preliminary Round 3rd placed) v Thailand 0 (Preliminary Round 4th  placed)


Gold Medal – Chinese Taipei 8  (PR 1) V Philippines 2 (PR 2)



  1. Chinese Taipei
  2. Philippines
  3. China
  4. Thailand
  5. Singapore

(Top three teams qualify for World Cup in Mexico)