Chinese Taipei started on the right note with their hope to defeat China but got blown out by China to make the final of the Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 at the Songdo LNG Sports Town Stadium tomorrow.

Philippines pitcher Mary Ann Antolihao

Chinese Taipei coach Han Hsin Lin was beaming with confidence to upset China and make the final, but it was not to be as China won 11-1 taking charge from the fifth inning.

Philippine Khrisha Genuary Cantor holds court to get her teamates raising their game against Japan

It was Chinese Taipei who looked like their desire to defeat, the last championship’s runners-up in 2019 China, when they set the pace to take a one run lead in the first inning.

One for all, all for one….Chinese players physche themselves against Chinese Taipei

China made a strong fightback to take charge of the game, but had to trail by the solitary run until the fifth inning.

China were on the top gear after that as they run riot against Chinese Taipei to dash their hope of an upset.

Japan’s Tokyo Olympics team gold medalist batter Minori Naito is poised for action

While credit must be given to Chinese Taipei for their effort, but China were superior physically, overall talent and ability.

Hsin Lin was obviously upset with her team performance that after the game, she asked her assistant coach Tong-Yun Chai to give the interview.

Chinese Taipei’s coach Han Hsin Lin gives a pep talkto her players

“We did well but in patches. The whole team played below par,” said Yun Chai.

“We did well to take the lead and had control of the game till the fifth inning when our defence was a let down.”

Chinese Taipei’s catcher Ke Hsia Ai fields the ball

Asked if pressure got the better of her players, she simply replied: “Pressure is there in every game and everyone. Simply we are not good enough today because the players did not play to their true capbilities.

 “The consolation is that we have qualified for the World Cup as the top four teams and now we have to go for broke to finish third, as the last championship, against Philippines tomorrow in the third placing match.”

Chinese Yang Yi Ting prepares to bat under the watchful eyes China’s catcher Xi Kai Lin

China’s coach Tang Changdong said they were never concerned when they were trailing by one run for four innings.

“We know our strength and capabilities. We just needed to trust in ourselves and the process and keep going forward. We did just that and we were rewarded in the end.”

Against defending champions, Japan tomorrow in the final, Tang said that they will give their best and let the better team win.

 “It is not an easy battle to reach final for us or anyone else. Now that we have reached the final, I trust the players themselves want the best result and they will hard for it. We have a young team and we always like to perform better than our last game.”

China’s pitcher Cah Yi Nan who posed problems to Chinese Taipei batters with her clinical batting

Japan had defeated China 4-0 in the round robin round, while Chinese Taipei had defeated Philippines 5-0.

While tomorrow will be the battle for the Women Softball Asia Cup title, all top four teams (Japan, China, Chinese Taipei and Philippines) after the completion of the round robin fixtures which started on Sunday and ended yesterday afternoon, have qualified to the XVII WBSC Women’s Softball World Cup Group Stage in July in Europe.

China’s infield player Wang Bei has it all under control against Chinese Taipei

The 18 nations who qualified for the World Cup Group Stage and allocated in their respective groupsare as follows:

  • Group A: Ireland (host), Australia, Botswana, Great Britain, USA and Asia 3 (third qualified team – CHINESE TAPEI)
  • Group B: Spain (host), Cuba, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Asia 2 (second qualifiedteam – CHINA)
  • Group C: Italy (host), Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela, Asia 1 (top qualified team – JAPAN) and a Wild Card for Asia (fourth placed team – PHILIPPINES ).

Ireland and Spain have received each a Wild Card as hosts of a group stage, while the third Wild Card was for Asia.

The WBSC Women’s Softball World Cup will start with Group A in Dublin and Fingal, Ireland, from 11-15 July; followed by Group B in Valencia, Spain, from 18-22 July; and Group C in Castions di Strada and Buttrio, Italy, from 22-26 July.

The top two teams from each group of the Group Stage, plus two Wild Cards, will advance to the eight-team World Cup Finals 2024 in Italy.




Hong Kong 12 Singapore 0

Thailand 3 India 0

Chinese Taipei China

Japan 9 Philippines 1



  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. Chinese Taipei
  4. Philippines
  5. Korea
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Singapore
  8. Thailand
  9. India