China is not saying in so many words – but they are definitely secretly hoping to dethrone Japan  in the Women Softball Asia Cup 2023 at the Songdo LNG Sports Town Stadium which ends on Saturday.

Indian players cheering the teammates on

This despite their round robin loss to Japan 0-4 yesterday.

Korea’s pitcher Park Young Mink lines up to pitch against China

When China’s head coach Tang ChangDong was asked if they will be settling for berth in the World Cup and bridesmaid spot again in the championship, after having already lost to Japan yesterday, he replied: “Every team who is here, wants to win the championship and we are no different.

Victorious Chinese players congratulate Catcher Ren Min for a good job done

“Every game is different and we hope to be in the final for a repeat showdown on Saturday,” declared Tang.

A pleased Chinese coach Feng Fei

“I am happy with the team’s progress so far where we have been improving with each game,” said Tang after his team’s morning 7-0 victory over host Korea.

China’s pitcher Chai Yinan in full flight

In the evening, they kept up their momentum to defeat Philippines 6-2.

Concerned looks at the Chinese team’s dugout as Xie Yue gets ready hit

“We have come here fully prepared, contrary to some who believe we are ill-prepared because of the Covid-19 situation,” said Tang.

“We are no different from the other countries who were under the similar Covid 19 situation. Maybe we had longer lockdown, but it is did affect us.

Philippines Mary Ann Antolihao trying to give her the boost against China

“Infact, we have with us a younger team but with tremendous talent. We had a tough situation to select our team at our selections, as there was an abundance of fresh talent.

Happy moments at the Philippines dugout

“I am very happy with the team I have now and we can only grow. This tournament will be a great stepping and leaping stone for the future of this team.”

Momentary Joy for Thailand

Meanwhile, Japan continued to stamp their dominance with two more victories today against India (17-0) and Chinese Taipei (8-0).

The tussle between Singapore and Thailand which the Lions prevailed in the end with 5-4 win in tie breaker after both teams werer tied 2-2.

Tomorrow they play Hong Kong and Korea before they wrap up their round robin round with a match against Philippines on Thursday.

China’s pitcher Wei Yuchen who played a key role in their victory against host Korea

Host Korea on their hand, suffered their third loss when they went down to China (0-7) in the morning before bouncing  a 10-1 against India.


But it was India who stunned Korea by going ahead with a run in the first inning before the former found their footing to stamp their authority in the later stages.

It is going to be a battle between Philippines and Korea for a fourth spot at the end of the round robin round on Thursday to book their World Cup berth.


India remains winless, after five matches, but seems to be improving as they progress in them tournament to keep their defeats more respectable.


After four consecutive loss, Hong Kong picked up their first win – 5-2 -when they defeated Thailand, who suffered their fourth consecutive defeat in pitch A in this morning’s opening match.

In the last match of the day, Thailand searching for first win came from behind to level 1-1 in the sixth inning and hold in the seventh inning to force a tie breaker inning.


But a comedy of errors by both teams to end the game, saw it last for two hour forty minutes before Singapore won 5-4 in the tie breaker, denying Thailand their first victory.


The championship moved into it’s fourth day where rain could cause some concern to keep the schedule intact for the eight round robin matches.






Thailand 2 Hong Kong 5

Japan 17 India 0

Singapore 1 Philippines 8

China 7 Korea 0

Japan 8 Chinese Taipei 0

Korea 10 India 1

Singapore 1 Thailand 1 (Singapore won 5-4 tie breaker)

China 6 Philippines 2