HOST Japan as expected were crowned champions of the 11th Men Softball Asian Cup, Kochi, 2022 (World Cup qualifier) beating Philippines 9-2 in six innings.

Both Japan and Philippines qualify for the World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand from Nov 26th  to Dec 4th, as this Asia Cup also severed as the qualifier for two slots for the seven nations who competed here.

While there was no doubt about Japan qualifying for the World Cup as they were a class above the rest of the field, it was the battle for the second spot, that was the focus here in this beautiful city of Shimanto City in the prefecture of Kochi.

It was a challenging tournament for the organisers as the weather played havoc and the groundsmen had to work overtime to have the pitch ready in the best possible condition for each innings.

Many games were delayed, but everything was managed well, while the teams were patient and cooperative, to make the tournament a success and completed as schedule.

There were surprises in the tournament, where India certainly raised eyebrows with their performance and to finish fourth.

India the Group B runners-up  to Japan, also turned spoilers to Singapore,  whom they defeated the Group B champions, in the Super League round.

Although Singapore sought revenge in the third placing match against India, when they defeated them 17-5, but Singapore missed out the World Cup berth.

For runners-up in the tournament, Philippines, they had to dig into deep into their reserves to play in the final after their defeat to Singapore in the Super round clash.

Singapore, put a spanner to Philippines’ plans to the final, when they defeated them in come from behind narrow 6-5 victory.

In a three-cornered battle for a slot in the finals, Philippines made the cut, as they had the lowest number of runs against them, as compared to Singapore and India. 

Philippines not only has booked the second World Cup ticket as the finalist, but also had the distinction of being the only team to have  had two runs against Japan in the tournament, with their 2-9 score in the final.

In their earlier Super League encounter, Philippines had lost 0-7.

“Japan is a world class team ranked No 2 in the World, and I am very happy with my team’s performance against them,” said Philippines head coach Apolonio Rosales.

“We not only had two runs against Japan, but had six hits against them today. That is improvement for us. 

“We need more exposure and in preparation for the World Cup where the level competition is going to be high, I will be proposing to my association for us to compete in higher level tournaments or go for a training stint and play friendlies with higher ranked teams before we go to New Zealand.

“We have a young but talented squad and I am aiming for a top six finish in the World Cup from 12 teams.”

 Japan’s manager cum head coach Hiroshi Yoshimura, too was full of praise for the Philippines team.

“They are a young and talented team who can go far with better exposure. They have good batsmen and pitchers. They may have lost twice against us, but they gave us some anxious moments,” said Yoshimura 

“Am glad we finished tops in the tournament, but now we have to look at the bigger picture – the World Cup.”

In the final yesterday, Japan took control of the game immediately and pitching from the bottom half took five runs in the first inning to stamp their mark 

But Philippines shocked Japan with two runs against in the second inning, but Japan comeback to reply with a run in the 4th inning and another in the 6th,] to end the game on runs ahead after the 6th inning.



Bat: Pos:      Name                                                   Uniform No:

  1. 7 Denmark Bathan                                       4
  2. 8 Efril Ian Mercado                                       18
  3. 4 Jerome Bacarisas                                       73
  4. 2 Melvin De Castro                                       21
  5. 5 Micheal P                                                     33
  6. 6 John Justine                                                 22
  7. DP Gerone Riparip                                           29
  8. 3 Julius Diaz                                                    72
  9. 9 Janzen Mark Gaspi                                    51

FP       1          Reagan Parco                                              8


            Leonel MJ                                                    3

            Kenneth Torres                                          30

            Francis Generoso                                      9

            Juliuz Dela Cruz                                         44

            Lyonas De Leon                                         10

            Marlon P                                                      92

            Leo Barredo                                                11



  1. 4 Hiroshi Sakata                                            1
  2. 6 Koutarou Yasumi                                       8
  3. DP Hiraku Matsuda                                         20
  4. 3 Kazuya Toriyama                                       35
  5. 9 Naoaki Kawada                                          24
  6. 7 Yusuk Norita                                               19
  7. 2 Kitazawa Keisuke                                      18
  8. 8 Seii Kuroiwa                                                23
  9. 5 Yusuke Sakurba                                         7

FP       1          Yuya Yamawki                                            11



           Takuro Kawanko                                        5

           Tei Hamamoto                                            42

           Taiyo Kataoka                                             10

           Ryoyu Une                                                   52

           Reo Koyama                                                 17

           Sora Kataoka                                               21


  1. Ramesh, Hashimoto Takasho, A. Masran Hassan, Paulo Tabirara



Hiroko Higashtani



  1. Japan
  2. India
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Chinese Taipei


  1. Singapore


  1. Thailand


Japan 7 Philippines 0  (Shimanto Stadium) 

Singapore 12 India 17  (Yasumani Field)

Chinese Taipei 9  Thailand 16  (Shimanto Stadium) – placing match

Japan 7  Singapore  0 (Shimanto Stadium)

India 1  Philippines 8 (Yasumani Field)



India 5 Singapore 12 (Bronze medal – 3/4th placing)

Hong Kong 5 Thailand 1 (5th/6th placing)

Japan 9 Philippines 2 (Final)


  1. JAPAN
  4. INDIA
President of Japan Softball Association Yutaka Miyake left Japan coach Hiroshi Yoshimura, team captain and Sofatball Asia president Datuk Low Beng Choo
The victorious Japanese team


The Philippines team who finished runnersup to Japan in the final and qualified for the World Cup


President of Japan Softball Association Yutaka Miyake presentinmg the gold medsl to the Japanese team


The top three teams at the Mens Softball Asia Cup Japan, Philippines and Singapore


Softball Asia president who is also WBSC secretary-General, presenting the gold medals to the Japanese players.