The Malaysian Softball Association successfully conducted and completed their second Baseball5 National Development Program circuit in Ipoh, Perak on March 19, 2022.

No Date Venue No of Participants Activity Instructors Status
4 19 March 2022 Ipoh, Perak 30 Baseball5 Clinic and Training Leader:

– Mr. Willeam Mah Choon How


– Mr. Cheong Ho Yeen

– Mr. Winson Low Wui Yong


The inaugural programme was conducted in Penang from February 19-20.

Two more programmes scheduled in March for school teachers and students in Jitra, Kedah and Tanjung Malim in Perak, were postponed on the advice of the Ministry of Education because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Another 12 programmes in the various States of Malaysia have been slated till the end year.

 Baseball5 can be played anywhere. Simple rules bring exciting game experience, five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of Softball is not only suitable for people of all ages to participate, but also focuses on “Play Anywhere”.

Willeam Mah Choon How, Secretary General of the Malaysian Softball Association and Organizing Chairman of the event, said that this sport is suitable for children to adults, from 7 to 70 years old. Baseball5 does not require gloves, bats and other equipment like Softball. It just requires a rubber ball, played anywhere and hit the ball with the palm or fist. In terms of venue, it can be indoor or outdoor, including indoor auditorium, outdoor grass, sand, and road surface. There are no special requirements in terms of clothing, if ordinary sportswear is sufficient.

He pointed out that Baseball5 is one of the sports of the Youth Olympic Games. The purpose of promoting Baseball5 is to encourage people, especially children, to put down their mobile phones and cultivate healthy habits of exercise. At the same time, through the National Youth and Sports Department Malaysia, the Baseball5 activities will be brought into the campus and schools, so that Baseball5 can be as common as indoor futsal, hoping to cultivate future softball players.


  • Baseball5 (BB5) is a Youth Olympic Games. 
  • Under the SAM’s (Softball Association of Malaysia) 4 years Softball and Baseball5 Development Plan (SBDP) 2022 – 2026, we are in the progress of growing the BB5 sport starting at grassroots level (Children at primary school) and make the BB5 sport accessible to all, both male and female players can play in one game and everywhere, making it open to everyone, ranging from 10 – 70 years old in Malaysia.