Coaching Accreditation

Date: 27 February to 20 April 2021

Number of Pax: 20

The SBSA Level 1 (L1) Coaching Accreditation Assessment was conducted on 27 February 21 and, due to bad weather over subsequent weekends, concluding on 20 April 2021. A number of officials from CoachSG were involved in validating the assessment along with SBSA’s national coaches, Ms Elaine Chua, Mr Farhan Harahap and Mr Koh Ruoh Jie.

This marks the successful end to our SBSA L1 Coaching Accreditation Exercise which was launched in February 2020 and signals the beginning of our roll-out of the SBSA Integrated Coaching Programme. SBSA hopes to continue with more coaching programmes in the coming months. It was heart-warming to see coaches of all ages and both genders coming out and participating in this exercise so that we can continue to provide quality coaching to our players.