WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari honours Softball Asia attending online 25th Congress

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari

It was an honour to Softball Asia when World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) president joined the Softball Asia (SA) Congress 2020 held online (via Zoom) on 15 December 2020 (2pm Malaysian time). 

 Under the SA Constitution, the SA hold its Congress biennially. Due to the current Covid pandemic, with the travel restrictions and other health and safety measure imposed throughout Asia by the respective Governments, the SA Congress 2020, which was originally scheduled to be held physically in Kuala Lumpur, had to be held as an online Congress.

  1. Before the Congress proceeded, all attendees observed a minute of silence in memory of the late Ms. Yan Fang, who was the former captain of the Chinese Softball team that won silver in the Atlanta Olympic Games, and who contributed significantly back to the development of Softball in China, through the Yan Fang Softball Fund, founded by her.       
  1. Besides Riccardo Fraccari, and WBSC Executive Director Michael Schmidt attended as special guests. 

SA president Low Beng Choo honoured WBSC President Fraccari and requested him to give his welcome remarks and a brief overview of the WBSC events and activities for 2020, with the many unprecedented challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the postponement of many WBSC tournaments and events.

  1. In attendance for the for the Congress were SA Executive Committee (EXCO) officials and delegate-representatives from 11 out of 16 affiliate members, namely, from Brunei, China, Hong Kong-China, Iran, Japan, Korea Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Chinese-Taipei, and Thailand.

The members congratulated Ms. Foo Pei on her re-election as President of Singapore Baseball Softball Association, as well as Ms. Sheng Thong Yin as Secretary General.

 The members welcomed the newly elected Presidents of:

  • Japan Softball Association: Mr. Yutaka Miyake and
  • Softball Association of Thailand, Mr. Yoksakrai Phainpanitporn.  
  1.  The Congress unanimously approved the President-Secretary General’s Report for the period 01 December 2018 to 30 November 2020, as well as the Accounts – Receipt and Expenditure for the period 01 December 208 to 31 October 2020.

       Please find attached a copy of the President-Secretary General’s Report for the period 01 December 2018 to 30 November 2020 under History of Softball Asia section in website

  1.   WBSC Executive Director have a brief overview of the WBSC Softball Review Working Group meetings and recommendations and change in the WBSC World Cup calendar from 2021 onwards, which are pending approval by the WBSC Executive Board. 

         SA members fully supported the move to a 4-year cycle for the WBSC World Cups for Softball (namely, Men, Women, U23 Men, U18 Men, U18 Women Softball) except for the U12 Mixed Team Softball).

  1.   The Congress agreed with the SA calendar for 2021 as follows:

       6.1 Asia Cup Men Softball (host to be determined) – qualifier for 2 Asia teams to WBSC World Cup Men Softball 2022 (New Zealand).

       6.2 Asia Cup U23 Men Softball (tentative host – Singapore) – qualifier for 2 Asia teams to WBSC World Cup U23 Men Softball 2021/2022 (Argentina).

      6.3 Asia Cup Asian Universities Women Softball (u23) (tentative host – Thailand).

      6.4 Asia Cup Baseball5 (tentative host – Malaysia) – qualifier for WBSC World Cup Baseball5 2022.

      6.5 WBSC-Softball Asia Baseball5 Technical Seminar in conjunction with Asia Cup Baseball5 tournament.

      6.6 Technical, Scorers, & Umpires Seminar in conjunction with one of the above Asia Cup tournaments.

  1.  The Congress unanimously endorsed the Softball Asia-Japan Softball Association Joint Coaching Webinar, available through the Softball Asia website. 
  1.  The Congress noted the SA EXCO’s approval of the distribution of 5 sets each of used reusable Softball equipment to India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand. The equipment is pending shipment delivery which has been delayed due to border and shipping restrictions imposed throughout Asia.

The Congress concluded with the SA President wishing everyone and their families to continue to take good care, and stay alert, well, healthy and safe.

She also took the opportunity to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year. 

“Enjoy the well-deserved break and holidays for some quality time with families and loved ones after an unprecedented incredibly challenging year. We all need to re-energise for what looks like a crazy packed year ahead. Best wishes and regards,” she concluded.