The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou China in September 2022. As the Co-host city, Shaoxing City will host Baseball and Softball competition. The city of Shaoxing covers 8256 square kilometers with a population of 4330000. It has a tropical and subtropical humid monsoon climate. Shoxing city is situated in the south coener of Yangtze River delta, only 30 kilometers to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 230 kilometers to Shanghai.

Secretary General of Chinese Softball Association Susan Zhang and Yang Liu, the representative of CSA to the 2022 Asian Games went to Shaoxing on May 28th for the first time site inspect and attended the evaluation meeting of the design scheme of the Games veneus.

Shaoxing City will build 2 standard softball field and 2 standard baseball fields for the Asian Games. The main softball field will have the stands with 2000 seats and the 2nd field will set 500 temporary seats. The construction is scheduled to start at the end of June and be completed in October 2021. The test event will be held afterward. The competition venue is just located at the exit of high way which is under construciton now, it will take only about 30 minutes by bus from the Athletes Village to the venue.

According to the plan of the venue owner, this project will take the ballparks as the core, improve the surrounding facilities and build a future community where sports industry, city culture and natural ecology are integrated. Chinese Softball Association will work together with the venue owner and local sports authorities to make a plan for the venue post game use, including the possibility to host world events and as the training base for national teams.